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Protect your network against future issues today.

Are You Having Communication Problems?


When your workstations and network devices stop communicating with your servers, you've got a problem. The professionals at PCXpress Inc will check your complete system set-up and revive your print and file sharing capabilities, servers, remote connectivity and performance and VPN infrastructure.

Vital Consulting

A major part of what we do is education. We want you to be able to successfully troubleshoot your own solutions in the future, which is why we'll spend so much time with you explaining the repair process.

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Streamline your workflow with precise diagnostics and support from PCXpress Inc Strengthen your business with a faster and more secure network.

We Can Re-Wire Your Entire Office

Is your office becoming overly cluttered with wires and computer equipment? Let us re-wire your entire system, making your workspace less cluttered, safer, and far more efficient. You'll be amazed by the amount of space you can save with efficient wiring and how much more productive your workforce will be.